It is a pleasure to welcome you to our unique chocolate product, with personalized printing,  website!

We specialize in crafting bespoke chocolates tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Share with us your logo and ideas, and rest assured that our team will bring your corporate personalized chocolate gifts to life. Make a lasting impression on your clients and guests with our delectable and unique creations.

What we do - we give people joy, the taste of life, and pleasant memories!

We are the first and still the only ones in Latvia who started printing pictures directly on chocolate back in 2006. We are still doing it to this day!

Only with us, you will find - an individual solution, handwork, high-quality raw materials, and almost 20 years of experience in the market, we have responsibility, for delivery to the door, of countless regular customers throughout the Baltics, America, and Europe!

Our workers are constantly improving their skills, offering you more and more interesting opportunities to surprise your loved ones and make life a little more fulfilling! 

Who our products are suitable for - corporate parties, opening your own business, personalized chocolates will decorate any holiday, a sweet bouquet with fresh strawberries will melt your loved one's heart, but chocolate business cards with your contacts will make them call you!

Order, surprise, with a sophisticated approach! We have been dealing with chocolate printing since 2006, with presentation advertising gifts since 1999.

We use high-quality Belgian chocolate to make corporate logo chocolates. The prints on the chocolate are on the surface of the chocolate.

All orders are processed individually and with a high sense of responsibility.

We also own, this page has a much larger selection of products (but you can't pay immediately online).

This page aims to facilitate the purchase of personalized chocolate with easy online payments and a reduced range of products.

Email or WhatsApp us your print ideas!


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